BBQis our passion and we make it relaxed and fun yet professional and efficient regardless the size of the event. We have two basic types of service that both deliver fresh mesquite fired BBQ cut fresh at your event. This is huge since BBQ meats do not get better with age and dry out in aluminum trays and delivery hot boxes. With our full service catering & on-site BBQ trailer, we will bring the pit to you. We will fill the buffet from the pit and cut the meats fresh on the buffet. With our delivery/drop-set option (usually 30-75 persons), we will bring the meats fresh from our pit to your event. We will cut the meats fresh at the event and set up in disposable chafing dishes for self service. This allows you to refill the buffet at your leisure and allows for a longer service time for your guests. We leave plenty of food to ensure that you do not run out. The other major difference between Backwoods BBQ and our corporate competitors is quality & value. They load already cooked meats in aluminum trays at their restaurant. They then send your order in an impersonable delivery with the BBQ meats drying out and degrading while enroute to your home or office. Their suggested quantities are seldom sufficient and leaving you and your guests disappointed. Not only do we use superior quality meats, but we pull them from the pit and immediately deliver to you by the actual Pitmaster himself. He will then hand cut the meats directly into the chafing dishes for your guests. This level of service is a reflection of our passion for good BBQ and the desire to provide a quality that is hard to find these days.

"Before you settle for the taco guy or a low grade corporate BBQ product, check our reviews and call us first. Great BBQ is about the meat and is not cheap so don't get cheated and regret your decision. The success of your event is dependent on the quality and value of the food you provide. Let's make your party or event rock!" Steve Nolan, Backwoods BBQ founder & Pitmaster