We provide THE BEST BBQ CATERING for any event in Riverside on our real mesquite burning BBQ trailers. We ensure our customer are provide with Fresh & Delicious and the best catering employees in the industry. Whether you are having our food dropped off or we are catering your event, our company is built on the foundation of providing the highest quality service in Catering industry and it shows

The original Backwoods BBQ operated for over 15 years and grew to every County in Southern California. In 2008, Steve opened Backwoods BBQ & Steakhouse in Corona and again became a huge success and local favorite and known for great BBQ, steaks and live music. Since then, Backwoods has settled into what we have always done best which is BBQ catering. Though Steve may open more restaurants in the future, he is content just doing what he and his team love to do and are the best at, which is bringing live on-site BBQ to your home or business.


We cater any event you can throw at us. We will cater to events from 50 to over 500 people, we have the staff and the equipment to provide a professional catering service.


We provide SUPERIOR QUALITY CATERING for any event in Riverside on our real mesquite burning BBQ trailers. Our generous portions, quality meats and professional staff are sure to make your event a raving success. Regardless of what type of party, your guests will always remember the food and judge it accordingly. Remember - WE NEVER SAY NO TO SECONDS (unless noted on special promotions) on our on-site catering events and only charge for the amount of guests agreed upon.